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2-Way Chicken Poppers Recipe: 2 Ways To Make A Lip-Smacking Chicken Starter

Don’t you love it when you can find a chicken starter that is easy to make, takes really less time and is a crowd favourite altogether? It feels like the luckiest find doesn’t it? And that is exactly what we feel about this classic and easy – chicken poppers recipe. These finger foods are delicious and can instantly liven up your party spread or evening snack platter. But, what’s even better is that these can be transformed into totally different dishes with just some additions and adjustments. If you are looking for an easy way to bring more variety into your chicken starters, here is a 2-way chicken popper recipe that will leave you slurping and wanting for more.


Chicken starters are the life of any party

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Who wouldn’t want more variety in their food? Two chicken dishes are obviously better than one. But two chicken dishes would also require more effort than one wouldn’t it? Well not anymore, not unless you have this 2-way chicken popper recipe with you. Make the basic chicken popper and toss it in different gravies or sauces and you have a brand new dish ready on your plates. Want to learn how to make the 2-way chicken popper? Read on.

How To Make 2 Way Chicken Popper Recipe l 2 Way Chicken Popper Recipe

To make the plain chicken popper, dip small chicken chunks in maida, egg wash and fry until golden and crispy.

In a pan heat some soy sauce, chilli sauce and honey to make a lip-smacking honey chilli chicken.

Next, heat a pan and add crushed garlic and cheese and toss the plain poppers to make a cheesy garlic chicken popper.

Click here for the detailed recipe of 2-way chicken poppers.

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Make these quick snacks, and impress your guest with the variety! What do you think about the recipe? Let us know in the comments below.

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