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Celebrity Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar Recommends Dates In Monsoon, Heres Why

Rujuta Diwekar shared a note on her Instagram about the nutritious value of dates (khajoor). Explaining why you should eat dates, she said, “The main reason why you should eat it is because it’s good looking, good tasting and is in season right now.” Rujuta further highlighted the benefits of eating dates. Dates helps fight most infections and allergies, and is used to treat sleep disorders. Dates is a natural sweetener and boosts energy as well as improves hemoglobin levels. As it is packed with fibre, dates prevents constipation as well as acidity.  

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Wondering when is the best time to eat dates? According to Rujuta, the best time to eat dates is first thing in the morning or post-lunch if your hemoglobin levels are low. Kids can consume it during the mid meal time. 

If all this talk about dates has left you craving for some, try these delicious recipes:

1) Dates Barfi

A delicious sweet treat that takes less than 20 minutes to make. This mithai is made using seedless dates cooked in ghee along with crunchy cashew nuts and almonds. Here is the recipe.


This delicious recipe will be ready in no time

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2) Dates And Pistachio Muffins

This muffin recipe is healthy and nutritious as well as diabetic-friendly. This recipe uses a mix of ragi flour and wheat flour instead of maida. The eggless muffins are made with treacle-y dates and crunchy pistachios. Try this recipe now. 


This muffin recipe is healthy and nutritious

3) Dates And Walnut Kheer

A delectable and easy dessert recipe made using healthy walnuts and dates. This recipe also uses oats along with roasted almonds and fresh cream. Serve chilled and enjoy. Take a look.


A delectable and easy dessert recipe

4) Sweet Date Chutney 

A popular chutney from North India. This sweet and sour chutney is the perfect accompaniment for several chaat dishes like pani puri and papdi chaat. It is prepared using dates soaked overnight and blended with tamarind pulp. Check the recipe is here.  

5) Eggless Date Cake

A scrumptious light and fluffy cake. Made with blended dates and topped generously with crunchy almonds. A delicious tea-time treat. Try now.

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