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Chandigarh Sports Complex On Stamped Undergarments Notice

'Mischief': Chandigarh Sports Complex On 'Stamped Undergarments' Notice

The notice asks members to wear only approved undergarments. (Representational)

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it is natural for people to be more aware and cautious of hygiene and cleanliness. However, a notice outside a sports complex in took things a little too far. A photo of the printed notice put up at Lake Sports Complex in Chandigarh has gone viral on social media, following which the management denied issuing any such notice in the first place. However, social media users could not get over the weird guidelines that were mentioned in the notice and had a field day reacting to it.

A picture of the notice was shared by the news agency ANI on Twitter, which asks members to wear only approved undergarments and also requires them to undergo a smell test. The notice stated that members of the sports facilities, restaurant and bar were found to be not “following proper decorum in the premises.”

To address this, the first guideline mentioned that users were required to wear gym suits and special attention had to be paid to undergarments. “Only approved undergarments are to be worn…Members can bring their garments to the office for approval stamping,” the notice read.

The second guideline stressed the need for good hygiene. “Socks must be washed every day,” the note said, adding, “Members found wearing dirty and foul smelling socks will be fined if they fail the smell test. The same applies to body odour.”

The notice also had instructions for members who were prone to making noises while lifting weights. For those using cuss words, there was also a list of approved Punjabi bad words.

Additionally, body hair was a strict no-no, and gym users wearing shorts were required to shave their legs to “avoid unnecessary attention.”

However, a trainer at the gym, Anmol Deep, denied that the management had issued any such notice. He was quoted as saying, “We didn’t issue this. Somebody must have done this mischief as we remain closed on Monday, we’re checking CCTV footage to find out.”

Mr Deep further said, “I noticed it when I came in the morning. It didn’t have the signature of the general manager as carried by all notices in the past. I informed my seniors, they denied putting up any such notice,” adding that it has been taken off the notice board.

Responding to the bizarre notice, one user said, “Do share the list of permitted Punjabi bad words…”

Another comment read, “Gym goers be warned.”

Tell us what you think of the notice.

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