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Craving Paneer? Here Are 7 Delicious Recipes That You Can Whip Up In Less Than 30 Minutes

If there is one thing both vegetarians and non-vegetarians will unanimously agree on, it is that paneer is delicious. The humble and mellow flavoured paneer is a versatile ingredient that can elevate any dish. Paneer adds a delicate richness to every dish, be it paneer tikka masala or dry chilli paneer. For the uninitiated, paneer is a type of firm cheese made with milk. It is a rich source of calcium, which is good for strengthening your teeth and bones. It is also a rich source of protein and fat and leaves you feeling full for a longer period of time.

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If all this talk of paneer has left you feeling hungry, here is a list of 7 quick and yummy recipes that you can make at home. The best part — you can make these in less than 30 minutes!

kr6cq19The milky chunks of paneer go great with all recipes

1) Achari Paneer Paratha

It’s a filling and tasty breakfast dish. This unique recipe is made by mixing grated paneer with any achar of your liking, which is then stuffed into a dough and rolled out. Serve hot with chilled curd.

2) Paneer Corn Sandwich

Looking for an easy tea-time snack? This recipe is perfect for you. Mix delicious sweet corn kernels with grated paneer and flavour with plenty of herbs. Stuff this mixture between bread slices and grill for a tasty treat.

3) Pan Fried Chili Paneer

Diced paneer sauteed with vegetables on a hot pan and flavour it with soy sauce and red chilli sauce. This spicy and heavenly treat is so easy to make that you’ll have a lot of time to make some fried rice as well to enjoy alongside.


the smoky aromas of Indo-Chinese cuisine fit perfectly with the mild paneer chunks 

4) Paneer Dosa

Put a tasty twist on your regular dosa with this yummy recipe. All you need is some leftover paneer bhurji, which you can use as the stuffing into the dosa for a delicious meal.

5) Aloo Paneer Kebab

A drool-worthy dish, it’s made with crumbly paneer and boiled potato mixture that is rolled into disc-shaped kebabs. Dip the kebabs into a cornflour slurry and fry. It’s the perfect dish that you can have on a lazy evening.

6) Paneer Lollipop

This one’s a combination of grated paneer, boiled potatoes and fiery green chillies spiced with garam masala and rolled into ball-shaped cutlets. Deep fry until golden brown.


Paneer makes for a great bite sized snack

7) Paneer Besan Chilla

These savoury and healthy pancakes are made with grated paneer and gram flour (besan). Apart from being a popular and traditional Indian breakfast, it’s filling and easy to make as well.

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Let us know which of these delicious and quick paneer recipes did you enjoy making the most.

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