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How Curd Helps Strike Balance Between Health And Taste? Expert Speaks

Everyone prefers a dish to be tasty and appeal to your taste buds. Nowadays, time goes on hunting for ingredients that are healthy and would also level up the flavor in your food. What if we tell you there is a magical ingredient that would elevate your dish to the next level! The element is commonly found in India and is none other than curd, made of cow milk. It can be specially used to elevate the taste of several cooked vegetables.

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You might have seen that children are fussy eaters, and it is hard to make them eat green vegetables. Fret not; a bowl of curd can be of great help in such scenario. Vegetable like parwal has an elevated taste if curd is added to it. Curd, made of cow milk, is also consumed in the form of shakes and lassi and more.

While curd made with cow milk is one of the most famous dishes to be savoured, there is another slightly unpopular version of curd made of buffalo milk. Buffalo milk is famous for its thick and creamy texture and curd made with it is widely used to make mithai, kheer and several other sweet delicacies. The thick texture of this curd is often used to make chocolates that make the sweet treat yet more flavourful.

Again, in sweets like rasmalai, curd made with buffalo milk is widely used. Most importantly, this curd is used for its healthy components. It is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. Thus, it’s generally consumed by the fitness enthusiasts and the one who aim to build muscle mass. What makes curd made with buffalo milk yet more special is the fact that you need it in very less amount to add rich taste in food.

The most interesting fact about curd is that its taste can be elevated by adding some basic ingredients, commonly available in every pantry. For instance, adding a little amount of rock salt can help you to have curd in the tastiest way possible.

Health Benefits Of Curd:

Now the question arises, why are we talking about curd and what are the benefits of having curd. One of the main properties of both kinds of curd is they are good for heart and bone health. Besides curd also helps you have better nails and hair. Curd is also one of the best ways to prevent indigestion. Buffalo curd is known to be packed with protein and several other ingredients that load you up with good amount of energy.

People nowadays fall prey to several dental hygiene issues and thus have poor dental health. One of the magic ingredients to treat poor dental health is curd. It is rich in vitamin C and regular consumption of it can help to fight cavities as well. Besides, curd is also deemed great for heart health and glowing skin.

Considering all the above factors, we say, curd is indeed a magical ingredient that helps you strike the right balance between health and taste.

Author bio:  Kishore Indukuri – Founder, Sid’s Farm 

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