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How To Make Old Delhi-Style Mutton Boti Masala: A Classic Mutton Dish You Must Try

Most of us are not foreign to the many food tales of Old Delhi. The narrow streets of old Delhi (Dilli) are considered a food lovers paradise. Surely, you’ve heard of the varieties of biryanis, kormas, sweets, lassis and kebabs that scream indulgence. Now, it’s only natural that talking about all thee drool-worthy treats makes us want to recreate some of that iconic food in our own kitchens. And hence, we bring for you a classic mutton dish that is sure to blow away your taste buds, the famous – Old Delhi Style Mutton Boti Masala.

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Mutton Boti Masala is the perfect accompaniment you can get for your rice or roti, marinated for hours and cooked solely in the marinade itself, this is a dish very dear to a lot of Old Delhi regulars. What wins you over – other than the explosive flavours in every single bite – is that how simple the dish is. The mutton chunks are thickly coated by a luscious gravy that gives you an impression that you may need to spends hours perfecting the dish, but to our very pleasant surprise, the case is quite the opposite. The dish is left alone to slow cook in the rich marinade, the oils and flavours of which seep into the mutton chunks and make them just the right amount of juicy and succulent. Are you slurping yet? Because we sure are! Read on to find more about the dish and how you can easily make it in your own kitchen.


Make a mutton curry that is rich and flavourful

How To Make Mutton Boti Masala l Old Delhi-Style Mutton Boti Masala Recipe:

In a bowl, take boneless mutton chunks and marinate it with curd, chaat masala, ginger-garlic paste, crushed fried onions, oil and other required ingredients. Let this marinate for at least 30 mins, the more you marinate, the better it is going to taste. Now in a pan pour the marinated mutton along with the masala and slow cook this for 30-40 mins. Check if the mutton is cooked after 30 mins and if it is, then turn off the heat and serve hot. Garnish with a handful of chopped coriander and enjoy.

Click here for the step-by-step recipe of mutton boti masala.

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Now you don’t have to travel in those narrow cobbled streets of old Delhi to savour these yummy delights. Try this mutton recipe today and let us know how you liked it in the comments below.

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