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IPL 2021: Quick And Easy Snack Recipes For IPL Season

IPL 2021 has begun! The most-awaited cricket tournament of the year is here in full swing and cricket fans just can’t keep calm. Whooping and cheering from our homes and couches, the season is going to be thrilling and intense. And the last thing you would want is those untimely hunger pangs taking over all the fun. So, when ordering in seems like too long a wait and dinner is nowhere near in sight, what do you do? Why not make some quick and easy snacks that can be prepared in a jiffy and will be a perfect accompaniment to your celebratory mood. Here are some yummy finger foods that you can make in under 15 minutes that will make any match a memorable one.

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Here Are 7 snacks you can make in minutes for IPL 2021:

1. Fried cheese cubes:

Well, cheese and celebration go hand in hand don’t you think? Make these cheesy little fried bites that are coated with a spiced mixture, dip them in an egg wash and fry until golden and perfect. Pair with sauces or dips if your choice. Click here for the detailed recipe.

fried cheese cubes

Photo Credit: NDTV Beeps

2. French fries :

Talking about quick snacks and not mentioning French fries? How can that be? French fries are the easiest, quick and crunchy snack that you can prepare in minutes. Young and old, the entire family will enjoy these classic snacks watching the game. Want to make perfect restaurant-style French fires, click here for the recipe.

3. Onions rings :

Have friends coming over for the match but don’t want to spend a fortune on snacks? The onions lying in your kitchen come to your rescue. Simply slice onions and dip them in the batter, fry and serve crunchy onions rings with chilli sauce for a fun game-time snack. Click here for the recipe.


Try making these easy onion rings at home

4. Golden fried baby corn:

Crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside, if you want to take a break from the regular fried snacks – this golden fried baby corn should definitely be on your list. Dip in egg and flour batter, deep fry until golden and serve hot, read this recipe to make this finger-licking snack.

5. Chicken fry:

What screams match night better than the delicious combination of some crunchy fried chicken and some chilled soda right? Make a plateful of these easy chicken fries and enjoy with friends and family. Click here for the detailed recipe.


Try making the easy and juicy chicken fry

6. Crispy fried prawns:

A crispy snack perfect for all the seafood lovers out there. Marinated in a delicious batter of soy sauces, wine and sugar – these fried prawns are certain to win your heart. Click here for the detailed recipe.

7. Rava fried fish:

Easy and fuss-free, all you have to do is coat the fish in a tangy and spicy marinade of lemon, ginger-garlic, red chilli powder and rava. Shallow fry and serve hot. Click here for the recipe.

fish fry

Crunchy fish fry for seafood lovers

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There you have it, hope these snacks keep your stomach full and heart happy this IPL season.

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