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Palak Egg Curry, Palak Kofta And More: Try These Yummy High-Protein Recipes For Healthy Eating

If you follow a healthy eating regime or planning to follow one, then you must be looking for recipes that are not just healthy but also delicious. However, while doing that, many of us find recipes involving fancy or expensive ingredients that are difficult to find in the market. But trust us, you can easily turn your everyday home ingredients into healthy recipes that will benefit you in many ways. And one such ingredient is palak (spinach), from which you can make many yummy recipes and healthy recipes. The versatility of palak is such that you can add it in anything, and it will surely amp up the taste of the dish.

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Health Benefits of Palak (Spinach)

Palak is known to be rich in many nutrients. With this, it can also help you strengthen your bones, boost immunity and eyesight, repels bacteria and viruses, aids in weight loss and weight management and also helps to improve cholesterol and heart health! So with these benefits of spinach, let us see what all you can make from this ingredient.

Here Are 5 Recipes To Make From Palak | Palak Recipes

1. Palak Chole

Generally, palak and chole are the two ingredients we have always had separately, but mixing them creates a fusion that you have never tasted before! The combination of spicy chole with palak is super easy and hassle-free to make, and it indeed gives you a yummy taste. For the full recipe, click here. 


This recipe is tasty

2. Palak Egg Curry

Palak and eggs together will definitely give you a protein-packed punch! This recipe is easy to make and flavourful too. All you need to do is boil your eggs and toss them with palak puree and spices. This dish will be ready in no time. See the full recipe here.


This recipe is full of protein

3. Palak Dal

This hearty dish will fulfil your hunger in no time. You can also separately blanch the spinach and mix it with your dal from top to make this dish. Pair this with roti and achar for maximum indulgence. For the full recipe, click here. 

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4. Palak Dal Khichdi

This dish is the ultimate comfort food you need to try. To make the dish healthier and tastier, we’ve included a dal khichdi recipe that incorporates the nutritious and delicious palak. See the recipe here.


This is easy to make

5. Mushroom Palak Kofta

If you’re looking for something unique to eat, this mushroom palak kofta is the dish for you. It’s essentially a soft, juicy kofta packed with palak and mushroom and dipped in a spicy, thick sauce. Serve with roti or rice and enjoy. See the full recipe here.


Make these delicious and protein-packed recipes for a healthy indulgence! Let us know which one did you like the best!

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