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Save a life! Read these signs for suicide prevention | Health

Every 40 seconds someone takes their life; that’s almost 800,000 people a year  around the world. India reports 10.4 suicides per 100,000 people in a year. The truth, however, is that suicide prevention is a reality! 

Most people do not want to die, they are just unable to deal with the pain.

Talking openly about suicide can save a life. Not talking about it makes it worse. Your action of reaching out to a friend, acquaintance, neighbour, co-worker can restore hope and save a life. Take action; reach out and rekindle hope. Do your bit for suicide prevention. The points below tell you how!


– Threatening to kill themselves

– A person expresses feeling trapped; that there is no way out

– Talking, writing, posting about death, dying or suicide

– Planning ways of killing self; research, accessing pills, pesticides, weapons or other means

– Hopelessness; nothing to look forward to

– Withdrawing from friends, family, or society

– Increased use of alcohol or drugs

– Anxiety, agitation, rage or continued feeling of anger

– Loss of purpose or meaning in life – could be sudden change in life


– Those who may have a mental illness

– People with poor physical health and disabilities

– Those who have attempted suicide or harmed themselves in the past

– Those facing difficult life circumstances particularly with relationships or their health

– People who have experienced physical or sexual abuse as a child

– People who have recently experienced a suicide by someone else

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– Be patient and calm while the person is talking about their feelings

– Listen to the person without expressing judgment, accepting what they are saying without agreeing or disagreeing with their behavior or point of view

– Ask open-ended questions (i.e. questions that cannot be simply answered with ‘yes’ or ‘no’) to find out more about the suicidal thoughts and feelings and the problems behind these

– Ensure that you express empathy for how the person is feeling

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– Argue or debate with the person about their thoughts of suicide

– Being judgmental about suicide

– Use guilt or threats to prevent suicide 

– Communicate a lack of interest or negative attitude through your body language.

– ‘Daring them to ‘just do it’

– Attempt to give the person a diagnosis of a mental illness

(This story is written by Tasneem Raja. For more health-related stories, visit HealthShots.com)

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