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Tandoori Chicken, Tandoori Mushroom And Other 5 Tandoor Snacks That You Must Try

Have you noticed how we gorge uncontrollably in our favourite dhaabas? And no matter how much the 5-star hotels try there’s just something about the dhaaba food that makes it an irresistible experience. From the roti to the tandoori chicken, each dish packs a punch. Well, apart from the ingredients and recipes, we have to guess it’s the tandoor that gives our favorite dhaaba food the edge that we love. Tandoor ovens are great for cooking almost every food, the smoky aroma binds the spicy masalas and together they make a drool-worthy feast every single time.

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Now you don’t always have to go hunting for a dhaaba to enjoy these delish tandoor items, with a home tandoor and some of our best tandoor recipes, you can easily bring the dhaaba taste in your food from the comfort of your own kitchen. Let’s start with some succulent tandoor snacks that you can whip up in minutes and are sure to be a hit whenever you try them.

Here is the list of 7 Tandoor snacks that you can make at home:

1. Tandoori Murgh :

A must try for all the meat loves out there; this bite sized chicken snack can never let you down. Coated in the juicy marination of curd and masala and slightly charred on the edges? That is just how we like our tandoor snacks, read the recipe here.


This bite-sized tandoor snack is sure to be a hit with everyone

2. Tandoori Chicken :

The list of tandoori items can never be complete without the classic tandoori chicken, a Punjabi dish that has a fan following in every nook and corner of the country. This hearty and juicy tandoori chicken can be easily made in a tandoor as well as an over, all you have to do is let it marinade and cook. Check out the recipe here.

3. Tandoori Pomfret :

For all you fish lovers out there this delectable pomfret tandoor dish is a must try. Roasted in the heady aromas of the tandoor, brushed with butter and lime juice, just reading the recipe has us slurping in our seats. Make it immediately, read the recipe here.


Tandoori Pomfret is a must-try dish for all fish lovers out there.

4. Tandoori eggs :

Tandori eggs are sure to be an instant hit in your circle, the soft boiled eggs coated in the spicy tandoori marinade and lightly charred on the edges, who wouldn’t love that combination? The best part is that you can make this on a thick tawa as well, just sprinkle a spoonful of oil and let it roast. Read the recipe here.

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5. Tandoori Aloo :

If you thought we are going to end this list with just non-vegetarian items, you’ve got it wrong. There are a number of vegetarian tandoor items that taste just as delectable as the others. One of them is this Tandoori Aloo tikki which is just the right finger food for you next feast. Read the recipe here.


Tandoori aloo is a perfect fiery potato snack

6. Tandoori Mushroom :

You should definitely indulgence in this Tandoori Mushroom if you are a vegetarian and want to enjoy tandoor dishes. The soft and juicy mushrooms, filled with a rich stuffing, coated with tandoori masala and roasted on the tandoor. This treat will have you wanting for more every time you make it. Read the recipe here.

7. Tandoori Gobhi:

Gobhi has recently become a very popular vegan option internationally, but little do they know that we have been enjoying the humble gobhi in various delectable ways since a much longer time. Just like this bhunna gobhi made in a tandoor, the end result to which is soft and juicy chunks of gobhi, coated in the fiery masala, ready to be devoured by you. Read the recipe here.


Tandoori Gobhi is a juicy snack that everyone will love

There you go, all set for a Tandoor night with your friends and family. With such a variety of options for vegans, non-vegetarians, and vegetarians, you are sure to be a hit among your friends and family. Let us know which recipe you enjoyed the most in the comments below.

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