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Tawa Egg Fry: This Tangy And Indulgent Egg Dish Is Perfect To Beat Hunger Pangs

Eggs are one of the most versatile and nutritious dishes to make. You can boil it, bake it, or even fry it, and it will taste absolutely delicious. And let us tell you that this is not only it, if you are an egg lover, we are sure that you must have tried the delicious egg curries as well! But if you want a new flavour in regular eggs and also something that is also easy to cook, then you should surely try tawa egg masala! This recipe of tawa egg masala is made with the goodness of tangy tomatoes and onions that adds extra flavour to this dish. Pair this with a roti, naan or rice to enjoy!

Health Benefits Of Eggs

Eggs are known to be high in nutrition and low in calories that may give you enough energy for almost half of the day. With this, eggs can also improve cholesterol, aid in weight management, improves eyesight, and can help to improve heart health as well. So, with these benefits of eggs, the tawa egg masala is a must-try.


Here Is The Recipe of Tawa Egg Masala | Tawa Egg Masala Recipe:

First, take three boiled eggs and cut them in halves. Then in a pan, add some oil, add mustard seeds and chopped onion. Cook till it is soft. Now add tomatoes and masalas with green chillies.

Now add the boiled eggs and mix them all well. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot.

For the full recipe of Tawa egg fry, click here.

Make this dish and let us know how you liked the taste of it.

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