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Watch: How To Make Classic American Hash Brown For Breakfast (Recipe Video Inside)

Have you ever thought why we resort to bread-and-butter or cereals for breakfast every second day? It is because these dishes are uncomplicated and easy to make. That’s right! Time-pressed mornings call for quick and easy recipes that can be prepared in hardly 30 minutes. But let’s admit, the same old food everyday can be monotonous and mundane; which is why we found a delicious recipe that can not only be prepared in just 10-15 minutes, but also will give you a delicious break from the everyday breakfast recipes. It’s the classic American Hash Brown (or hashed browned potatoes).

A popular breakfast dish in America, hash brown is aloo tikki made with grated potatoes and some seasonings. For the unversed, hash comes from the French term ‘hacher’ meaning chopped – this means hashed browned potatoes literally translates to ‘chopped and fried potatoes’. This pretty much clears it all, right? As per food experts, hash brown finds its origin in the restaurants of New York in 1980s. Today, it holds a constant position in the menus at every American diner across the globe. Besides, you can also find hash browns in every English breakfast spread. They are crunchy, creamy (from inside) and comforting to the core. Already slurping? Then without further ado, let’s jump into the recipe.

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How To Make Hash Brown | American Hash Brown Recipe For Breakfast:

Step 1. Add grated potatoes in a bowl.

Step 2. Add chopped onions, rice flour, black pepper powder and salt.

Step 3. Mix everything together and make small tikkis out of it. Do not add excess water.

Step 4. Shallow fry until both the sides turn brown in colour.

Watch the complete recipe video of hash brown in the header section.

And if you plan to enjoy a classic American breakfast at home, then do not forget to pair these hash browns with some delicious, fluffy pancakes and cheese omelette.

Click here for pancake recipe.

Click here for cheese omelette recipe.

Let us know how you liked it.

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