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Weekend Special: How To Make Restaurant-Style Murgh Musallam At Home

The weekend is here and we finally have all the time to lay back, enjoy and relax. From munching on popcorn and catching up on your favorite show to finally trying that local bistro, the weekend encompasses joyful feelings of all kinds. But, whatever your way to unwind, there is always one thing that makes the weekend experience much more worth it and that is food. Why not elevate this weekend by making one of those elaborate recipes that will tingle your tastebuds? The must-try recipe that we found this time is a grand celebration of flavors and is sure to leave everyone on the table slurping on their seats. A royal Mughal dish, it’s called – Murg Musallam.


Murg Musallam is a royal mughal dish

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For the unversed, Murg is chicken and Musallam is whole. And that’s Murg Musallam for you – a whole chicken massaged with a variety of spices, seared in a bed of masala made with khus-khus, cashew, and whole spices, slow-cooked for long hours until the meat is juicy, tender, and falling off the bone. In simple words, it is nothing short of a pure indulgent affair. Said to be an Indian version of the chicken roast, it sure does take time, but the results are highly tempting and will be the perfect showcase of your cooking prowess. Cook up the royal fare that you’ve been waiting for, read the recipe below.

How To Make Murg Musallam At Home l Easy Murg Musallam Recipe:

To start, get yourself a whole chicken, remove the innards and clean thoroughly. Make gashes on the outside and use papaya paste to tenderize the meat. Prepare a marinade with curd, ginger-garlic, dry spices, and apply it on the chicken, both inside out. The longer you can let this marinate, the better the meat will taste. We recommend at least 2 hours.

In a pan, heat some ghee and fry onions, later add the chicken and let it cook on all sides for at least 15 minutes on a low flame. Continue to toss around and regularly check if the meat is tender. Add saffron and khus-khus milk mixture and let everything cook until the chicken is done. Take off the heat, stuff fried boiled eggs inside or place them on the sides, garnish with coriander leaves and serve warm.

Click here for the detailed recipe of Murg Musallam

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That’s how you make an extravagant weekend meal. You may use smaller quail birds to make a similar bater musallam. Let us know how it turns out in the comments below.

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