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Weight Loss: This Jaggery And Lemon Water May Help You To Shed Extra Kilos

We all see weight loss transformations of many on social media, but we only realise the hard work behind it when we try to lose weight ourselves. From daily exercise, calorie control to dieting, all these things can be overwhelming, to begin with. Although following these things comes as a ritual during weight loss – did you know that detox waters too can be helpful? Detox water helps cleanse our body from toxins and may help to manage or lose weight as well. These drinks can be easily made at home with everyday ingredients. While you must have heard about the jeera water or saunf water for weight loss, you should definitely try this jaggery and lemon water as well!

Health Benefits Of Jaggery And Lemon

We all know that lemon water is common in weight loss, but adding jaggery might be a new thing to it. So, let us see the benefits of both the ingredients that can aid you.


Jaggery (gur) is loaded with minerals and antioxidants that boost immune health

Lemon is a known source of Vitamin C with that, this ingredient can help to improve hydration, skin quality, digestion, lowers stroke risk, improves heart health and most importantly it aids in weight loss and management. Whereas jaggery, which is more commonly used to make sweets, also has its share of benefits that can help you. Jaggery can help improve digestion, cleanse the body, improve immunity and aids in weight loss as well. So, with these benefits, it’s a must to try the jaggery and lemon water for weight loss.

Here Is How To Make Jaggery And Lemon Water

First, take a small piece of jaggery and bring it to a boil. Once done, strain the water and let it cool till normal temperature. Now add one tablespoon of lemon in the water, mix and drink! You can have this drink every morning.

Make this and let us know how this drink aided in your health?!

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